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Oct. 10th, 2005 @ 09:43 am (no subject)
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: My little bros watching "Kipper"
Your Hair Should Be Red

Passionate, fiery, and sassy.
You're a total smart aleck who's got the biggest personality around.

BUYA!!!!! Now I am happy. And I saved my clothes by washing them. But I couldn't find the icing.
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Oct. 9th, 2005 @ 08:54 pm Story of my life
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: none but I really wish I had some Pink Floyd

So my day was going along pretty normal and groovy, I hung out with my grandma and great grandma, made cake, ate cookies. It was all pretty peaching and groovy. We had a little birthday party for my mother, that was rockin'.

And then it happened. I go upstairs to clean my room, and I go into my closet and DUH DUH DHU DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH, I find half my clothes have been ruined. All the shelves in my room are right up against the chimney. And it's been raining for two days straight. And out roof leaks a bit. All the water ran down the chimney, staining my clothes with the color from the bricks. I am so angry. Passivley angry, but angry all the same. Man oh man.

At least there is some icing from the left over cake in the fridge.

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Oct. 7th, 2005 @ 03:33 pm Grooviness
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: Duncan shouting about something(cutely)
Hey Chums,
I know I was ranting about being depressed two days ago, but I am not anymore!!
Yesterday was a coolio day cuz after my sweet trombone lesson I hung out with Sarah and Will for 45 minutes wating for my mom to pick me up, because she is always late. Me and Will mostly teased Sarah about her flute and tried to understand how one plays something with so many little wierd keys that you don't even press. (Will plays trumpet.)
Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, me mama picked me up and we went home and met my Grandma (Meema) and Great Grandma who had just flown in from Missouri. We are going to go see pick them up from the Blue Hill Inn, shortly.
So, all in all, yesterday was groovy, today was a okay, (except Kaiya and Georgia had an inexplainable laughing fit during ISOS, still can't quite figure out what that's about)and my life is all around chillin.
Gah, I signed up to try out for all sate classical auditions, but the music is in ITALAIN, and it's 7 PAGES LONG! Now I am all nervy nervous.
Must be shoving along, mates,
Talk to ya'll soon and enjoy your looooooooooooooooong weeked.
(I actually don't believe we should have a Culumbus day, but I like the day off os school. I just wish it was for something else.)
Luvs, luvs, luvs and hugs,
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Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 03:07 pm Depression mixed with happiness is starting to unsettle me.......
Current Mood: confusedand depressed
Current Music: Some song on the radio
Hello all,

Yes, I am very depressed and weirded out and I can't figure out why I like this person so much. I don't even know him that well. And Georgia keeps telling me to talk to him, but how can I when I am so shy! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am so distraught.

On a happier note tomorrow I have a trombone lesson! And I love playing the trombone, as I might have stated before. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, my grandma and great grandma are coming from Missourii tomorrow to see me! (and the rest of my family.) So I am excited for tomorrow, plus, it is a good school day, I have band, study hall, french and english! Woopdeedoo!

Today at break I hung out with the "corner gang" with Georgia and kaiya and kelly. It was a very interesting experience and it kept me from thinking about that dumb redheaded person and mad me happpy. I think I have twisted his character in my mind, and made myself beleive that he is ignoring me, when it's all one sided and he's just going about his life as normal, and I am the one freaking out. Wow, I think I need phycological help. A lot of it.

Well, that's about all, school was pretty blah today.

Luvs and hugs,
Nora the degraded
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Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ 02:55 pm School which os poo on toast
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: My bother watching the Retun of the King
I just got home from crappy poo on toast school of which I hate, and I am eating grapes. They are not so good and it is making me even sadder. I am really depressed today, but not really for any particular reason. Ahh, the woes of life.

Tomorrow I have band first period and i am soooooooo excited, because i get exctied for band no matter what. But hopefully it will lift my spirits. I cannot make this a long entry becauseI have to wrtie my dumb personal essay as the first dumb draft is due tomrrow. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Maybe I'll update my journal later tonight if anything really drastic happens to me. Right now I am predicting my future evening, and it is homework.

Holy macarroni! I forgot to tell you all that I am one of the stage mamager's for the play this November, and I am so excited!!! If anyone knows any smokin' plays that are about 35 minutes long or that can me easily cut, let me know!

Ella Nora
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Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 02:00 pm Camping!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: My little brother yelling something
Hello All,

I suppose I shall tell you in brief about my loverly camping trip this weekend. I went with the Outing's Club, which consisted of me, Chloe and Trish, and I had a grand old time. We camped on the beach, got soaked Kayaking, got stuck in quicksand (lol, email me if you want the whole story)
made an awesome campfire and torches made out of socks, and generally had a great time!!

Whoopdeedoo! i am in a GOOD mood today, after such a fun weekend and making a friend! I am wearing my sweet Led Zepplin tshirt, if anyone wanted to know and I am feeling rather groovy about it!! Rock on!

I did leave my awesome gray/silver sweater at the campsite, which made me sad, but then I had a Caramel Coolata and it made me happy again!

I don't have much to say today, other than that and I have CRAPLOADS of homework. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So long, Chummy Chums, until tomorrow,

luvs and hugs,
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Sep. 30th, 2005 @ 09:18 pm The first post ever and my state of mind
Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: Dishasher sounds a computer hum
Hello all!
Hello to all my chummy chumertons, (as my bestest freind kaiya would say, similar to coppy coperton, for a cop)
Wow, what a wierd day I have had. I feel honored to be readhead, and readheaded guys are sooooo cute. Wow, I'm in a wierd mood because of this certian redhaired guy at school. Shooting random smiles at each other all day, and having bizzare staring contests across the band room is kind off odd. But no more of that for the present.

band was rockn' today, wasn't it Georgia?? I must say that motzart tune was the rockinest one yet!!! I can't wait till Jazz Band starts for the winter, I hate soccer season. Infact, I hate soccer, I can't even kick the ball. Anyway, this is a shout out to all band freaks, especially TROMBONE players!! Brass rocks the roof OFF man, Jazz would be nothing without the horns!

Wow, pay no attention to my incoherent dribble. (hah, dribble, love that word!)

Well, I am embarking on a camping trip tommorrow morn, where i have been assured that it will be COLD, ( I live in the coldest sate in the US, save Alaska) and I am not so sure about this! But oh well, because I love camping!

can't wait to see all my peeps at school on monday, where it will officially start the icky week for me where there is only band twice. (tear)

Luvs luvs luvs,
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